How to prepare for a business trip?

Tips from an Adidas executive

Camila Lafratta

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Always between airports, Adidas executive Bruno de Almeida offers some travel tips


His love for sports was a decisive factor for Bruno de Almeida’s professional path. After a few years working as a journalist, he became part of the PR team for Adidas Brasil, where he helped to coordinate campaigns with high-caliber celebrities like Anitta and Maluma, among other things. His relationship with important Latin American personalities helped to propel his career: in September, he went from PR manager to head of influencers for Latin America, a transition followed by his move to Panama City. Traveling twice a month on average, he shares tips to make your life between airports more pleasant.


Tips from an expert


Count the days

“Anyone who thinks too much packs too many things. My math is the number of days + 1: if you’re traveling for a week, you should pack eight items of each piece, for example. Pants are the exception: I take one pair for every two days.”


At the tip of your tongue

“I’ve tried several travel apps, but I end up using none. For me, the only truly useful app is Google Translate, which comes in handy to understand road signs abroad.”


Adjust your sleep cycle

“I have trouble sleeping on airplanes, so I try to go jogging as soon as I arrive at my destination. It helps to keep me alert, not succumbing to jet lag or exhaustion.”


Best places to go jogging…

“The rambla in Montevideo and Central Park in New York.”


… And to watch soccer games

“Camp Nou in Barcelona and Wembley in London.”