Chapada Diamantina, the treasure of Bahia: the wonderful pictures taken by Araquém Alcântara


Photographer Araquém Alcântara registers his impressions of some of the most beautiful landscapes in Brazil, in Chapada Diamantina


Chapada Diamantina

When to go

It rains less from April to October, and the trails are dry. It’s also the right period to watch the sun’s rays invading Poço Azul and Poço Encantado.


How to get there

Lençóis is located some 265 miles [426 km] from the state capital, Salvador. It takes a five-hour drive or a six-hour bus trip to get there, crossing semi-arid landscapes in Bahia.



In the north portion of the Park, Lençóis is the largest city, with the best infrastructure. In the central region there are good accommodation options in the village of Igatu, and, in the south, Mucugê welcomes visitors.


LATAM has direct flights to Salvador from: São Paulo, Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and other 2 destinations.