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a Chilean view on the city

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Mountain and city, nature and history: Santiago is impressive for its diversity – as you can see in the pictures from these five Chilean Instagram profiles



A director of photography and photographer, she loves colors and new places



1. Geography from the sky

“The ideal is to visit the highest overlook in South America, the Sky Costanera, 30 minutes before nightfall: you can appreciate the Andes and the emblematic structures while the valley is illuminated at an altitude of 985 feet [300 m].”

Av. Andrés Bello, 2457, Providencia  


2. Historical city

“Discovering the European nooks in the neighborhood of París-Londres, visiting Plaza de Bolsillo Santo Domingo, exploring the antiques fair in Lastarria, and spending an afternoon at GAM or the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes will give you an idea of the diversity of the Chilean capital’s central district.”

Av. Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins, 227, Santiago



Juan Pablo Hinrichsen loves to travel and is an expert in digital marketing



1. Two Santiagos, one picture

“The only Baha’i Temple (a community where you can pray without having to participate in a ritual or ceremony) in South America offers two incredible views: of the Andes, from its base, and of a modern structure resembling a flower, made of glass and marble.”

Diagonal Las Torres, 2000, Peñalolén 


2. Community street art

In the south of Santiago, in San Miguel, Museo a Cielo Abierto has 50 murals – each with 915 ft2 [85 m2]. There, you can explore a varied gallery (free admission) and the neighborhood itself at the same time – while also noticing the positive impact the art interventions have had on the community.”  

Población San Miguel, Lo Vial Subway Station  



Rodrigo Guendelman created his profile in 2011, where he posts select pictures of the capital



1. The power of pedestrians

Calle Bandera, which appears in a photo by @blvckimvges, is an example of tactical urbanism, which revitalizes and gives new purpose to public spaces. The work created by artist Dasic Fernández has ambitious dimensions: 35,520 ft2 [3,300 m2]. Its colors are the new face of the city center.”

Paseo Peatonal Bandera, Santiago


2. Majestic peak

“Peaks like the Pochoco are the main attraction to the capital: its geography is brutal and generous, with hills on your doorstep. The hike there and the view from the top are incredible, as you can see in the photo by @mandresbecerra.”

Camino El Alto, El Arrayán



A photographer and aircraft pilot with 29 years of experience photographing Chile’s natural heritage



Historical hill

“Going up Cerro Santa Lucía, in the middle of Santiago, allows you to see the city’s architectural history, flora, and fauna on a single tour. The hilltop is easily accessed and reveals a wonderful view.”

Av. Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins, Santa Lucía Subway Station 



A photographer specializing in architecture and urbanism. On his personal page, he only posts pictures taken with his phone. Check out his work at @estudioPALMA



1. A hill, several views

“Cerro San Cristóbal is part of Parque Metropolitano, the fourth largest urban park in the world and one of the main attractions to Santiago. There, you can isolate yourself from the city and, at the same time, reconnect with it in a different manner, thanks to the views. You can explore it on foot, by bike, or by taking a cable car.”

Pío Nono, 450, Providencia 


2. Continuous history

“The commercial galleries take you on a journey back in time to the Santiago of the 1970s and ‘80s, even though they contrast with the city’s modernity these days. I like their symmetry, their panoptical perspective, and the fact that they are the guardians of our recent history. In the city center, in Providencia, or at Estación Central, they all deserve a visit.”

Santa Magdalena, 41, Providencia


Tips from experts

The best photo

Juan Pablo Hinrichsen (@thetravelmode) says that the best photos for Instagram “are taken vertically and focused on a specific object.”


Don’t worry too much

Ticha Mercado (@tichamercado) recommends you don’t get obsessed with a specific plan. Instead, you should open up to new ideas: “see what’s going on, take some distance, and improvise.”


Keep the mystery alive

For Rodrigo Guendelman (@santiagoadicto), not overloading your followers is essential to keep them interested. One good tip is to post three photos per day at the most. Otherwise, it will look like spam.”


Other can’t-miss attractions in the capital

Other places in Santiago that deserve a picture, according to our interviewees


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