Tips from Danilo Carrera to better explore Ecuador


Francisco Pardo, Giselle Galvão, Marcelo Krause, Getty Images, Alamy

Two places in Ecuador

“There’s no other place like the Galápagos in the world. And Baños, a mountain village to connect with nature.”



Local flavor

 “Pique & Pase in Guayaquil, which serves Ecuadorian criollo food with authentic flavor.”


A dish that transports you to Ecuador

“Every time I have patacón or tostón (deep-fried mashed green plantains) with fresh cheese, like in my hometown.”



Tips of places where you used to live

“In Guayaquil, I’d recommend the neighborhood Las Peñas and El Malecón; in Mexico City, the Teotihuacán pyramids and their energy; and, in Miami, the beaches and the nightlife.”


The perfect plan

“To start the day at any beach on the coast of Ecuador, having shrimp ceviche, accompanied by my family. I don’t need anything else.”



Danilo Carrera

Born in Guayaquil, Carrera stars in shows produced by the channel Univisión