Discover Jaén, a hidden treasure in Peru

Maurice Che´del, Jose´ Porras, Christopher Crouzet, Flor Ruiz, Jaime Cha´vez e Juan Luis Tord

In the high Peruvian forest, in the northeast of the country, this city stands out for its history and tradition, as well as its powerful nature


Río Marañón


Coffee production is an important part of the region’s economy, and a good place to learn about it is the Santa Fe de las Naranjas farm, located on the outskirts of the city. Another great activity is to visit Bellavista, 25 minutes from Jaén, where you can get some relief from the heat in the waters of the Río Marañón and take a ride on lovely tour boats.


Museo Hermógenes Mejía Solf

It’s home to a large amount of archaeological pieces made by ethnic groups from Alto Marañón. The collection includes handicrafts, fossils, traditional medicine, ceramic pieces and photographs of the districts of Jaén and its remote villages.

Av. Hermógenes Mejía Solf S/N, Jaén


Laguna de Burlan

Ninety minutes from Jaén, the accumulation of waters from agricultural lands in the region formed this precious 5,380-square-foot [500 square m] lagoon. It’s surrounded by terraced rice fields and is the natural habitat of wild ducks and fish, like tilapia and carp. To explore the lagoon, you can take a ride on a motorboat, traditional boat, water scooter or rowing boat.




Located some 115 miles [185 km] southwest of Jaén, the “capital of the Amazon” is one of the most spectacular places in the Peruvian forest. The birthplace of the ancient Chachapoya culture, this pre-Columbian city has archaeological treasures like the Kuelap Fortress: a set of six 8.2-foot-tall [2.5 m] funerary statues, considered a unique form of burial. Made of clay and cane poles, the statues are decorated with ocher and beige paintings. It’s no coincidence that the fortress is known as “the second Machu Picchu.”


Cascada De Gocta


Nearby Chachapoyas stands this incredible 2,530-foot [771 m] waterfall, locally known as La Chorrera. Even though its total height is ranked 15th on the World Waterfall Database, it’s the 5th tallest waterfall in the world, with 1,771 feet [540 m]. To arrive at the pool, you need to walk through a forest, which is oftentimes covered with fog, from the village of Cocachimba. The round trip takes approximately five hours and the scenery is dotted with 22 wonderful waterfalls.