Does Tel Aviv airport have wi-fi?

(and other trivia for your layover)

Camila Lafratta

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Everything You Always Needed to Know About Ben Gurion, the Well-Equipped International Airport Near Tel Aviv



The area now harbouring Ben Gurion was built in 1936 as a British base, and has been converted into an airport for Israel in 1948. There are two terminals: No.1 serves small aircrafts and low cost companies; No. 3, the largest and most up-to-date, hosts long distance flights like the ones operated by LATAM.



Stay Alert!

Airport safety procedures are meticulous. So, don't be surprised with the time taken upon your arrival in the country and, when leaving, show up at least 3 hours earlier to avoid queues.


In 1948, Ben Gurion let in 40,000 passengers. In 2018, there were almost 23 million.


Hot Tip

Wi-Fi is free and offered in all airport areas. Look for Netvision to login.



Best Stopovers

Outside Terminal 3 boarding area is Buy & Bye shopping mall. Once there, stop by Michal Negrin to check out Israeli jewelry and clothes. For a quick snack, look for Ilan’s The Alternative Cafe for a bagel and cappuccino.


Getting to town

By public Transportation

The train is cheap and takes only 15 minutes to get to the center. Departures take place every 30 minutes at day time and every hour overnight. There's no public transportation during sabbath (on Friday afternoons to Saturday nights).


Shuttle or Taxi

Shuttle services are available all weekdays and can take passengers to hotels by appointment. Although more expensive, taxis can be more comfortable and are lined up the exit of the arrival terminal.