6 places to explore in El Peñón, a lively neighborhood in Cali

Erika Paixão


The park/plaza

Parque El Peñón is actually a plaza. Located in the center of the neighborhood, it has helped to bolster the region’s artistic scene, as an outdoor art and handicraft market is held there every Sunday. This small plaza has a classic charm and attracts hip visitors.

Calle 3 and Carrera 3


Political art


One of the bastions of resistance during the dictatorial regime in Colombia, Museo La Tertulia was a meeting place and became a reference for contemporary art. Curators elaborate exhibitions and educational programs in tune with the history and culture of the city.

Avenida Colombia, 5-105


Local flavors


To have a typical food experience, just make reservations at Tentenpie, a restaurant which specializes in the best Cali food. Most of the dishes on the menu are made with corn, like empanadas the choclo tierno soup. Try the lulada, a refreshing drink made with lulo, a sour fruit native to the Andes mountains.

Carrera 2 Oeste, 1-55


Special gelato


Fiore Gelateria’s goal is to surprise customers: they offer over 30 types of artisanal ice cream and sorbet, in addition to frappuccinos, brownies and cheesecakes. They also develop special flavors for commemorative dates, like the delicious pumpkin gelato, served in October for Halloween.

Calle 2 Oeste, 2-34


Fashionista Colombia


The colorful products from Michú Bags are an allusion to Colombia’s visual identity. Bags and wallets have an exclusive design and are manufactured in collaboration with local artisans, who use such materials as banana tree fiber to refine their (lovely) creations.

Calle 2 Oeste, 2-38


Let’s dance!

Malecón Restaurante Bar is a Latin American mix. With Cuban themes, Colombian dishes and salsa music, customers, who come from all over the world, are invited to dance. On the crowded dance floor, it becomes clear that the proposal of combining the Caribbean with Latin America has worked – and very well.

Carrera 103, 15A - 18