An essay about the natural beauty of Jalapão in Brazil

Anna Carolina Negri

The many sides of Jalapão in Tocantins, a paradise in northern Brazil



When to go

The dry season is from May to September. It’s recommended to visit at the beginning of this period, when the vegetation is still exuberant and the weather is nice. The temperatures range from approximately 68 °F [20 °C] to 86 °F [30 °C].



The cities of Ponte Alta and São Félix do Tocantins are close by, but Mateiros, located some 186 miles [300 km] from Palmas, is the starting point for the main activities. There are options of inns and campsites.


Getting there

From the capital, Palmas, you need a car to go to the cities closest to the attractions. Agencies offer 4x4 vehicles and drivers.


LATAM has direct flights to Palmas from São Paulo and Brasília.