Punta Arenas and Torres del Paine:

five days in southern Chile

Mariana Campos

Alexandre Avilla, Getty Images

The world virtually ends there. This LATAM Travel itinerary reveals two local stars in Magallanes, Chile: the (really) huge Torres del Paine National Park and Punta Arenas, a symbol of the century-old food and culture that make the region a must-go destination in the country.



What to do in Torres del Paine?

Get ready to relax in Chilean Patagonia… Check out what to do on the first two days of your LATAM Travel itinerary.



What to do in Punta Arenas?

Learn how to spot penguins in the region and break the ice by visiting our selection of cafés and restaurants! Check out what to do on the last three days of your LATAM Travel itinerary.



Special thanks: SERNATUR, IMAGINADORA, Kipaventour Patagonie, Hoteles Australis (Hotel Cabo de Hornos in Punta Arenas and Hotel Costraustralis in Puerto Natales).


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