A flight attendant’s life:

flight attendant stories

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Anderson Roberto da Silva and Ximena Eskenazi Rios, both flight attendants on LATAM flights, share some of the experiences they’ve had with passengers

On your next flight, talk to the flight attendants – as they are constantly visiting new places, they have the best travel tips! Check out the video above to learn more about the day-to-day life of a flight attendant. Next, read some of Ximena’s and Anderson’s stories.





Language lesson

'I worked on a flight to Punta Arenas that had a group of Israeli tourists. I asked their guide to teach me a few farewell words in Hebrew. After we landed, they all applauded and were really touched! I became friends with many of them, and we’re planning a trip so that I can visit them in Israel.'


Celebrity on board

'Once, a few passengers looked at me and said that I looked like Ivete Sangalo, a Brazilian singer. They showed me a picture of her and even asked for an autograph!'


Private concert

'There was a group of musicians of the Berlin Philharmonic on board. I asked their representative if they could play something for the passengers and they said yes. One of the musicians went to the front of the cabin and played a lovely melody for a few minutes.'





Guessing game

'When people press the button to call a flight attendant, it’s usually because they want a glass of water, so I normally bring one with me. Once, I asked the passenger what he needed and, when he said water, I offered him a glass. He was so surprised that he said, 'Are you Harry Potter?''


Happy ending

'I was walking in the region of Congonhas Airport in São Paulo and this man stopped his cab to thank me for how I had taken care of him and his father. It was one of the best accolades I’ve received in my life!'