5 fun facts about Frankfurt Airport

Sofía Merino

Alamy, Frankfurt Airport, Getty Images, Shutterstock

Frankfurt Airport was recognized as one of the 10 best airports in the world at the Skytrax Awards 2017 for the first time, thanks to the opinion of travelers. That’s why its slogan is, “Gute Reise! We Make it Happen!”


Being a pilot for a day

Welcome aboard! If you have always dreamed of flying a plane, you can try a flight simulator in Terminal 1, where LATAM is located. There, an experienced air traffic controller will show you how to prepare a flight and the required safety procedures. All you need to do is enjoy the amazing experience of takeoff, flight, and destination.



The airport behind the scenes

One of the new arrivals at Frankfurt Airport is a LED video wall. Sixty-nine-foot [21 m] wide and 5.2-foot [1.6 m] tall, it shows seven fascinating videos that provide a glimpse of the airport behind the scenes, like the journey of a suitcase from the check-in counter into the plane’s hold – the perfect entertainment for the curious types. The Entertainment Gate can be found between Gates B44 and B48.


Christmassy details

The classic Christmas songs will invade the airport in December, when three singers of the group Singende Engel will dress as angels and sing every day to spread harmony in the locale. With any luck, you’ll also see Santa Claus, who will be distributing chocolate and lebkuchen (gingerbread) throughout the airport.



A bit of peacefulness

After a long flight, there’s nothing better than recharging your batteries. In the two rooms located near Gates C14-C16 and D1-D4, it’s possible to do yoga at any time, every day. They are equipped with mats and a monitor screen that shows instructional videos on exercises. If yoga isn’t your thing, you can opt for the Silent Chair: its comfortable backrest and two side glass panels create a true quiet bubble. You can find it in Terminals 1 and 2.


Hollywood before your flight

Eight carpeted cubicles and three niches with chairs in front of a TV: all this so passengers at this airport can enjoy a good movie, documentary, or TV show at two Movie Worlds, located in the departing areas A and Z in Terminal 1. The best part is that travelers can select the time and language of the screenings.