Fun facts about Asunción Airport in Paraguay

Sofía Merino L.

Agencia De Información Paraguaya, Club De Vuelo Deportivo Yvytu

Small but with a big heart: Silvio Pettirossi International Airport (ASU) is concerned with travelers’ well-being


An offer that can’t be refused

Il Capo is the most traditional Italian restaurant in Paraguay. In business for 30 years, they opened a location at the airport seven years ago with a different name (at ASU, it’s called Il Aéreo) and menu, including exclusive dishes. One of the most popular is the Airport Salad, a light option to try while waiting for your flight.


Opportunity to help

Every year, the airport offers alphabetization courses to employees. If you have time to conduct a workshop on an interesting theme, don’t hesitate: they will appreciate it. Just send an email to



Homage to a hero

The airport is named after the first Paraguayan aviator, famous for flying a Deperdussin monoplane. In 2014, the Pettirossi Project team built a replica of the aircraft and flew over the place to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its first takeoff. Another model is hanging from the ceiling in the main hall, and you can learn more about the story of Silvio Pettirossi through several monitors.


Authentic souvenirs

The Maka ethnic group is famous in Paraguay for their bright-colored fabrics. Learn about their work and take advantage to buy a beautiful souvenir in the departures area, where artisans have been selling their products for 10 years. ASU offered them a space free of charge to promote the local culture.


In 2017, there were 17% more international flights than in the previous year, receiving almost 1.2 million foreign passengers