5 fun facts about the transportation of large cargo

Illustration: Marcelo Cáceres

OVERSIZE is the name of the LATAM Cargo service that transports items of big dimensions, like airplane engines from the United States to Brazil



 From the factory to the plane

The engines, which weigh around 3.3 tons [3,000 kg] each, leave the factories  in the US states of Arizona and Ohio. A special truck that absorbs  vibration takes them to Miami.



The weight limit is determined solely by the characteristics of the plane that will transport the engines.




The packaging depends on the type of cargo, and the customer is responsible for the packing. For example, the engines must be fixed to a base to allow  proper handling.



OVERSIZE shipments are handled by a team of experts. And, if necessary, specific equipment, like cranes, can be used. Additional safety procedures are also conducted, including the examination of the palletization quality.



LATAM Cargo transports at least one engine per week, and can transport up to five at certain times of the year. In 2016, the LATAM Cargo OVERSIZE service transported 551 tons [500,000 kg] of cargo in the international market.