Tips from Gabriel Villarán to better explore Peru


Marina García Burgos, Getty Images, Shutterstock, Alamy

Your favorite places in Peru

“Talara, for the quality of the waves in the area and the conditions: good wind and plenty of daylight to practice. Another great option is Cuzco, a magical, peaceful place.”



Local flavor

 “Lomo saltado (a beef dish) is my favorite among all the extraordinary dishes my country has.”


To absorb your country

“Try one of the best ceviche dishes in Peru at the beach in Cabo Blanco, El Alto; visit the ruins of Chan Chan in Trujillo and take a ride on a Caballito de Totora (a typical watercraft) in Huanchaco; and go hiking on a 7-day Inca trail that leads to the ruins of Machu Picchu.”



Waves on the continent

“The beach of El Gringo in Arica, Chile; Puerto Escondido in Mexico is one of my favorite places, with perfect, huge waves; and Cabo Blanco in Piura. With warm waters, the beach there is picturesque.”



Gabriel Villarán

The famous big wave surfer, who got injured in Hawaii last January, is now preparing for the circuit