A guide to understand onboard food

Illustration: Marcelo Cáceres

On flights longer than seven hours, we offer a complete and varied gastronomic experience. Learn about our onboard food service


1. The experience starts when we hand you the menu, where the recipes and ingredients for the three available options are detailed. The vegetarian option is always present and highlighted.


2. We heat up the onboard dishes for all the passengers in two stages, each taking 20 minutes. The first takes place on land, before takeoff, and the second, in the air. 



3. We offer our passengers three options: vegetarian, local flavors, or salad with protein, all accompanied by dessert and a cold beverage.


4. Next, we collect the trays and offer some tea or coffee. At this moment, the cabin lighting is adjusted to create a relaxing atmosphere.



Gourmet dawn

For breakfast, you can choose between an omelet or a sandwich, options defined based on the preferences of our passengers.


Both options are served with a small portion of fruit or a yogurt.


To go with your breakfast, try some delicious coffee from the brand Suplicy (in Brazil) or Juan Valdez (in other countries in Latin America).