6 fun facts about Heathrow Airport in London

Sofía Merino

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It’s the busiest airport in Europe by passenger traffic, having flights to 180 destinations in over 90 countries. For three consecutive years, it was selected as the Best Airport in Western Europe by passengers. But that’s not enough: Heathrow wants to keep improving



The most well connected

In October 2016, the British government announced its support for expanding Heathrow. With 40 new destinations, the project will make the United Kingdom the most well-connected country in Europe. With the construction of a third runway, the airport plans to double its cargo capacity and increase the number of domestic connections, among other things.


Leader in sustainability

Heathrow 2.0 is the airport’s new sustainability strategy, with which it intends to become a world leader in sustainable aviation. For this end, it will publish the airlines’ carbon emissions and noise every three months. Its objective is to recognize good performance and provide some feedback to airlines, encouraging the use of less noisy and less polluting aircraft.



A huge success

6.76 million passengers circulated through Heathrow in June 2017 (2.3% more than in the same month in 2016), helping to achieve the milestone of 77 million people in the last 12 months. The daily record was also broken, with 259,917 passengers flying through on June 30.



The children circulating through Heathrow will also be able to break records, as Little Miss Explorer and Mr. Adventure launched the Around the World app. With it, the little ones help the characters to find five badges that are hidden around the terminals.



The most fitness-friendly

This month, Heathrow will open a wellness and fitness center, located after security, by the exit of Terminal 2: FlyFit will help to reduce the effects of jet lag and soreness with yoga classes and cardio activities. The equipment? Don’t worry: they will also provide workout clothing, showers and healthy foods.


The biggest work of art

Slipstream, the biggest work of art in Europe, located by the exit of Terminal 2, weighs 77 tons [70,000 kg] and is 252.5 feet [77 m] long. Created by the celebrated British sculptor Richard Wilson in 2014, its cylindrical and curved shape represents the smoke trails left by stunt planes during air shows.