Tips from Jean Philippe Cretton to better explore Chile


Araceli Paz, Francisco Pardo, Giselle Galvão, María Paz Igualt, Getty Images, Shutterstock

Southern Chile

“It’s the first half of my life. The humid forest, the cold mountain winds, the heavy fog, the rain that cleanses everything.”



Local flavor

“Seafood stews transport me back to Chile. A simple coastal sound or aroma can whet my taste buds, imagining a paila marina with white wine.”



Music tips in Santiago

“Bar de René, a classic for people who enjoy hard rock; Club de Jazz, a great place to let yourself get carried away by this music genre. And Liguria: live music and world-class Chilean cuisine.”


The ideal plan

“To perform with my band Rey Puesto in Torres del Paine (Chile) on a summer afternoon.”



Two places in Chile

“Chulluncane, a magical village in the mountains. Valparaíso: I’m not a fan, but it’s an essential destination. And Torres del Paine, which will definitely be included on your list of favorite places.”




Jean Philippe Cretton

A TV presenter, Cretton, together with his band Rey Puesto, was part of the Lollapalooza Chile lineup this year