Tips from Juan Manuel Barrientos to better explore Colombia


El Cielo Foundation, Francisco Pardo, Getty Images, Shutterstock

Favorite destinations in Colombia

“Amazonas, because there’s always something new there to be discovered. And Medellín, because it’s my home and the epicenter of Paisa culture.”


Local flavor

 “Lulo (fruit), coconut, fried fish, morcela and pork rinds. And the bandeja paisa (the Colombian version of a set meal).”



Food tips

“In Miami, I love the tacos served at Bodega; in Bogotá, I like to go to Masa, and in Medellín, to the pizzeria Serenissima. And I love all the locations of El Cielo!”


The Colombian spirit

“In order to understand Colombian culture, you need to visit the Feria de las Flores in Medellín, experience Carnival in Barranquilla and go to a music festival like the Leyenda Vallenata (Valledupar).”



Your little piece of heaven

“Being with my family in San Andrés – we get together whenever we can. Incidentally, that’s where I am right now, answering these questions.”



Juan Manuel Barrientos

Born in Medellín, Barrientos is the owner of the restaurants El Cielo (Medellín, Bogotá and Miami)