LATAM sends plane with humanitarian aid to the Bahamas

LATAM sends plane with humanitarian aid to the Bahamas

Through the Solidary Plane Project, we transported doctors and basic essential items to the region devastated by Hurricane Dorian

Erika Paixão Publicity LATAM

Published October 2019

Recently, our Solidary Plane Project helped a location outside Latin America for the first time. A LATAM Cargo B767-300F aircraft was sent to the Bahamas, a region that was severely damaged by Hurricane Dorian, to bring humanitarian aid to the victims of this natural catastrophe.

We created a special route departing from Miami, in the United States, to Nassau, the island’s capital, to transport 38.5 tons of drugs, hospital supplies, food, and hygiene items, collected in partnership with the institution UPS Foundation.

LATAM sends plane with humanitarian aid to the Bahamas

“We are present when we are most needed. As we have done in other countries in Latin America, we will remain available to help and try to mitigate the suffering of the people most affected by natural disasters,” affirms Andrés Bianchi, CEO at LATAM Cargo. 

Our facilities, connectivity, and transport capacity are available to help the Latin American community through humanitarian actions. We activate the programs Solidary Plane Health and Solidary Plane when a Natural Catastrophe occurs, making our fleet available to act in case of medical needs and natural catastrophes, like Hurricane Dorian.

Solidary Plane in natural catastrophes across Latin America

One of the actions carried out in Latin America was in Ecuador, in 2016, when the country was hit by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake. On the occasion, LATAM Cargo transported over 738 tons [670,000 kg] of basic essential items to the country, coming from Miami, Buenos Aires, New York, Santiago, and Madrid.

In 2017, the program was also activated in three other situations: a forest fire in southern Chile, floods in Peru, and during Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. For the latter, LATAM Cargo created, exceptionally, an exclusive route to send a cargo plane.

LATAM sends plane with humanitarian aid to the Bahamas

Airline ticket donations for medical treatment

In the past year, we have transported multidisciplinary teams that promote prevention and treatment campaigns in communities with limited access to healthcare, in addition to equipment and materials used by these professionals. In total, we have donated 1,149 tickets to 12 healthcare institutions in six different countries.

In addition, we have offered 291 tickets to patients undergoing medical treatment and transported 169 organs and 429 human body tissues to be transplanted.

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