Learn about the dishes that represent LATAM’s destinations

Publicity, Getty Images / Illustration: Leonardo Kayo

LATAM’s new menu offers dishes that represent different destinations


There are foods that translate well the local atmosphere. They can be traditional, of course, like pizza Margherita, which features the colors of the Italian flag. Or not so much, like sushi roll in California – which has become so popular that it even has its own version with the name of the US state.


The menus served in Economy Class on LATAM flights longer than seven hours also took inspiration from the flavors of the cities of origin. Anyone departing from Santiago, for example, can try the traditional Chilean plateada, slowly cooked and served with tamales. The dish also features sautéed asparagus and cherry tomatoes. There are always three options on the new menu: local, international, or vegetarian.



And the list continues: pancakes on flights departing from the United States, seco de carne (a kind of stew) on flights from Lima, and rice served with roasted bananas for anyone departing from São Paulo, Recife, or Fortaleza in Brazil. All these dishes have one common idea: foreigners and natives are always welcome at the table.