Learn about the three main airports in northern Chile

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A look at the regional airports we serve


IQQ - Iquique

Aeropuerto Internacional Diego Aracena

Three murals by artist Aymar Yuthawi tell part of the history of Iquique, a city characterized by mining activities. A can’t-miss scene: some 25 miles [40 km] away are the saltpeter works of Humberstone and Santa Laura, museum cities declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.


CJC – Calama


Aeropuerto El Loa

Welcoming 2 million passengers each year, this airport has an exclusive Fundación Artesanías de Chile shop. Known as an economic pole, Calama is home to the largest copper mine in the world: Chuquicamata. In addition, this airport is the nearest to the Atacama Desert.


ARI – Arica

Aeropuerto Internacional Chacalluta

To double its size: this is the renovation plan for the airport that serves as the port of entry to northern Chile. If you’re looking for contact with nature right after landing, Lauca National Park is the ideal place. Its 137,000 hectares are home to pre-Andes and Altiplano regions, with a highlight to Chungará Lake.


Arica served as a location for the movie The Tree of Life, featuring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn