Learn how LATAM Cargo transports flowers

Marcelo Cáceres

February 14 is Valentine’s Day – in Brazil, lovers get the chance to celebrate twice, as tradition there is related to St. Anthony! Learn everything that LATAM Cargo can do to make your flowers arrive perfectly at their destination



This is the LATAM Cargo product that transports flowers. It’s one of the company’s most requested services, which requires continuous maintenance of the cooling system, careful handling and reduced collection/delivery time. Between 8-9 people participate in the process and this service is available on direct and non-direct routes.


Cooling system

In order to maintain and assure the quality of the flowers, it’s essential to control the temperature throughout the logistics chain. LATAM Cargo has an airplane fleet and installations that are prepared for this, especially in Miami, whose airport is home to the largest cold warehouse for its cargo operations.


Origin and destination

During the season’s three weeks, over 100 cargo planes travel from Bogota´, Medelli´n (Colombia) and Quito (Ecuador) mainly to the United States and Holland.


One for each

Each cargo plane transports approximately two million flowers. As such, for Valentine’s Day, LATAM Cargo transports at least one flower for each woman in North America (over 160 million).


The most popular flowers

1. Red roses

2. Carnations

3. Chrysanthemums

4. Dahlias