Mendoza Airport:

learn about its conveniences

Consuelo Olguín

Cristóbal Marambio

With the reopening of the local airport, LATAM now operates direct flights to São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Lima


The city in a bottle

Your first contact with the vineyards in Mendoza takes place in the sky, before landing: it’s possible to see part of the 165,000 hectares dedicated to the plantation of grapes. On your way back, if you love wine, you can bring a local bottle into the plane cabin, in your carry-on luggage. Just make sure the package is properly sealed with plastic film.



Green tour

When you land at this airport – known as El Plumerillo –, just 15 minutes from the city center, you can go straight for a walk at Parque San Martín. It’s home to a 10.5-mile [17 km] trail, an artificial lake, museums, and restaurants that offer great local food.


Safe transfer

To or from the airport, the official taxi service offers reliable and cheap transportation, with fares varying according to sector. A taxi ride to the city center costs around 50 Argentine pesos (US$1.3).


Free conection

The Wi-Fi service is free and considered one of the best in airports in South America 



Local product

The shop Puro Chocolate offers the best of Mendoza in a single place. There you’ll find delicious alfajores and chocolate from the region.


Simple architecture

A roof made of native wood protects the interior of Mendoza Airport, the fourth most important airport in Argentina. The most recent renovations included improvements to the runway and extension of the terminal, which welcomes 1.3 million passengers each year.