Neon city:

the Las Vegas lights in photos

Alexandre Avilla

In Downtown Las Vegas, the bright signs paint a constant kaleidoscope in the city’s oldest section



A junkyard of memories: at the Neon Museum, the past of Las Vegas is told by “retired” neon signs. On the night tour, many of them are lit while guides tell stories about the casinos that shaped the city.



The images in double exposure reveal the flashing of the signs. Two overlapping photos show the crazy atmosphere created by the lights in Downtown Las Vegas.



The first paved thoroughfare in the city, Fremont Street is now home to attractions that include frozen margarita machines offering all imaginable flavors, unusual street artists, and a zip line that runs the whole length of the street. A pocket show hinting at Las Vegas’s “no limit fun” spirit.



The constant movement in the street under a ceiling with animated images.


Las Vegas


The most famous hotels and casinos are on the Strip, the most important stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard. Anyone who prefers to stay in Downtown Las Vegas will also find plenty of excitement, in addition to cheaper hotels.


Getting around

Even though the distances seem short, the desert climate in Las Vegas is not appropriate for long walks. The apps Uber and Lyft are the most popular means of transportation in the city and have designated pickup zones in hotel parking lots.



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Special thanks: Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority (LVCVA).