Paranoá Lake is Brasília’s answer to a beach

Paranoá Lake is Brasília’s answer to a beach

To catch some rays, have a picnic, or enjoy the late afternoon by the banks of the lake, learn about one of the main tourist attractions in this Brazilian city

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Published November 2019

The capital of Brazil may not be located by the beach, but it has a great lake to make up for it. In the last decade, Brasília has embraced the Paranoá – at any moment of the day, you can find people sunbathing, stand-up paddling, sailing, or having a beer at one of the many bars and restaurants in the surrounding area. Check out some of the best spots to enjoy this “beach”:

1. Pontão do Lago Sul

Paranoá Lake is Brasília’s answer to a beach

Located in Asa Sul, Pontão has great bars and restaurants, and some of them offer views of the lake. It’s also the spot for lively happy hours at the bars.

2. Península dos Ministros

Do you feel like going for a swim in the lake? This is the right place. Do you want to go jogging or biking? This is the place, too – there are brand-new paths, inaugurated in the early 2017. Close by you’ll find the Parque Ecológico Península Sul, where there’s always people taking a stroll or catching some rays.

3. Boardwalk in Asa Norte

Paranoá Lake is Brasília’s answer to a beach

The boardwalk built in Lago Norte always attracts kayakers and divers. The wooden walkway is 1.2 miles [2 km] long, home to a playground for kids and a pier, which is perfect for appreciating the incredible view that combines the sky and the Brasília lake.

4. Praça dos Orixás

Known as “prainha” by locals, this plaza doesn’t have sand, but it turns the lake into the city’s ocean. Located next to the bridge, it has statues and offerings to Orishas (like Yemoja, for example) from Candomblé and Umbanda.

5. Waterfront under Ponte JK

Paranoá Lake is Brasília’s answer to a beach

This is one of the main spots to watch the sunset in Brasília. The bridge (which represents a bouncing rock) and the lake comprise a scenery worthy of Instagram likes. Famous restaurants are located there.

6. Praia do Cerrado

This area is also very popular among water sports lovers. To get there, you need to take a dirt path, which connects the waterfront to the lake. On weekends, locals throw parties on boats and yachts on the water.

7. Parque das Garças

This park offers kayaks and stand-up paddling boards to enjoy the water, in addition to an improvised volley court. The place is filled with animals, as they allow pets there.

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