Pink Month: LATAM’s actions to prevent breast cancer

Pink Month: LATAM’s actions to prevent breast cancer

Through an awareness campaign, we alert contributors and passengers to the importance of early detection of the disease

Erika Paixão Publicity LATAM

Published October 2019

The self-exam that flies

Pink Month: LATAM’s actions to prevent breast cancer

During the month of October, LATAM will implement actions to raise awareness about the need to prevent breast cancer. At Lima Airport, for example, passengers on domestic flights will pass through Detectors of Nothing before boarding.

These machines, as their name suggests, can’t reveal the disease. But, after passing through them, travelers will be given a pamphlet containing information on detecting the disease, raising awareness about the theme.

Another initiative for passengers will take place on the exterior of the planes. The aircraft will receive a pink ribbon decal – the international symbol of the awareness campaign. 

Pink Month: LATAM’s actions to prevent breast cancer

For crew members and contributors, other measures will be taken at our offices in Latin America. Among them, the distribution of pink ribbons and the screening of a video demonstrating the right way to self-examine yourself, in Santiago.

We will also activate an aircraft for the Solidary Plane Project to fly to Cusco, Peru, with a multidisciplinary medical team. They will go to the local communities to promote a conversation about health and breast cancer prevention and treatment. 

To stay up-to-date with our work this month, follow our social media channels and the website It was developed to enhance our capacity to bring knowledge to all the corners of the world. Detecting breast cancer is within our reach. Join us!

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