5 places in Chile to see snow until the end of winter

5 places in Chile to see snow until the end of winter

Looking for the best time of year to go to Chile? We’ve selected destinations where you can see snowy landscapes until mid-September

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Published October 2019

Chile has incredible destinations for anyone who wants to see snow in South America during the winter. Due to the high altitude in the Andes, the scenery in some Chilean postcard sights is covered in snow for a longer period of time, until mid-September, when the temperatures in the Southern Hemisphere start to rise.

Thinking about winter sports aficionados and people who love the cold weather, we’ve selected five Chilean destinations with low temperatures where you can still see snow this year. Next, check out how to get to these places:

1. Aysén: almost untouched beauty

With a wilder touch, the Aysén region in Chilean Patagonia extends for over 38,610 square miles [100,000 km2] – half of it is in an environmental protection area. Get ready to see guanacos, South Andean deer, and pumas walking around the forest with tall trees whose canopies are covered in snow.

One of the most visited tourist attractions in the region is the glacier wall at San Rafael Lake, which can be seen on comfortable catamaran tours.

Getting there: LATAM offers flights between Santiago and Balmaceda (a city close to Puerto Aysén).

5 places in Chile to see snow until the end of winter

2. Corralco: winter sports for the whole family

At the foot of the Lonquimay Volcano, in the Malalcahuello-Nalcas National Reserve, Valle Corralco Ski Resort is one of the most popular destinations among people who love the Chilean snowy mountains.

With 25 slopes – some are 7,545 feet long [2,300 m] –, this destination offers attractions for the whole family: from slopes for experienced skiers to snowboarding lessons for beginners.

Getting there: Fly LATAM to the airport in Temuco, some 74 miles [120 km] from the ski resort. Some LATAM Travel packages include transfer from the airport to the hotel chains.

5 places in Chile to see snow until the end of winter

3. Pucón: a volcanic and freezing scenery

By the banks of a lake and at the foot of an active volcano, Pucón is a city that attracts tourists all year round. Even though it doesn’t have the 5-star infrastructure of the big resorts in its neighboring cities, seeing the constant fumes from the volcano during hikes has its charm.

Until September, you can enjoy the icy scenery in Pucón as well as the hot springs on the outskirts of the city.

Getting there: LATAM flies to the city of Temuco, 62 miles [100 km] northwest of Pucón.

5 places in Chile to see snow until the end of winter

4. Torres del Paine National Park: freezing landscapes in Patagonia

Ninety minutes from Puerto Natales, Torres del Paine National Park has impressive landscapes and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Chile.

With glacial sceneries, ancient blocks of ice, and immense rock formations (no exaggeration here), this place attracts travelers looking to connect with the freezing, (almost) untouched nature. Due to the high concentration of ice until late August, the park can have restricted areas for safety reasons.

Getting there: Fly to the Punta Arenas airport and drive for 3 hours to the city of Puerto Natales.

5 places in Chile to see snow until the end of winter

5. Chillán: comfortable hotels and resorts in the snow season

With one of the longest ski slopes in South America, Chillán has a breathtaking scenery with snow-covered woods on a volcano. The region is home to hotels for all tastes (and budgets), attracting more experienced tourists as well as people who want to learn more about winter sports.

Getting there: Fly to the Concepción airport and drive for approximately 2 hours and a half to Chillán.

5 places in Chile to see snow until the end of winter

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