São Paulo and Tel Aviv, the similarities between these two cities

Rafael Bahia

Bernardo Paglia, Fernanda Frazão, Getty Images

Tel Aviv and São Paulo are far away, but close: a flight’s distance, they are the economic center of their respective countries


Flight information

  • 7,523.5 mi [12,108 km] approximate distance in the air

  • 13h30 average flight time


São Paulo

Country: Brazil

GMT -3h

Currency: Real

GRU - Aeroporto Internacional de São Paulo - Guarulhos

Approximate altitude: 2,493.5 ft [760 m] above sea level



In numbers: The biggest city in the Americas, with 12 million inhabitants


What’s modern:

• Instituto Moreira Salles

• Beco do Batman

• Instituto Tomie Ohtake


Gastronomic stop: Mercado de Pinheiros


Filling your shopping bag

There are many shopping options, from accessible prices in the neighborhood of Bom Retiro to name brands on Rua Oscar Freire.



Tel Aviv

Country: Israel

GMT +2h

Currency: Israeli new shekel

TLV - Ben Gurion Airport

Approximate altitude: 16.5 ft [5 m] above sea level



In numbers: First place in startups per capita in the world


What’s modern:

• Silicon Wadi

• Yitzhak Rabin Center

• Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center


Gastronomic stop: Shuk Ha'Carmel


The sky’s the limit

It’s possible to go to the top of the Azrieli Sarona Tower, the tallest building in the city, which is home to the regional headquarters of Facebook and Amazon.