Panoramic viewSkydiving in Iguazu Falls

nature viewed from above

Reporter Laura Capanema talks about the experience of jumping from an airplane at 9,850 feet [3,000 m] over the falls and Lake Itaipu

Panoramic view

One of the most enchanting ways to contemplate the beauty of Foz is from above. Add a good dose of adrenaline and imagine the experience of skydiving over that rare nature: doesn’t it seem surreal? The school Skydive Foz offers tandem jumps from 8 a.m. to sunset (starting at R$590). At almost 10,000 feet [3,000 m] above the ground, the falls become small smoky dots in the natural immensity of the region, cut through rivers, forests and the muddy waters of Lake Itaipu.

It all starts on the ground, in the school’s hangar, where a team of well-trained instructors – mine had over 2,000 dives under his belt – explains the rules. We’re told to lay down on a leather pouf and simulate we’re in the sky. During the jump, the skydiver must bend their knees and form an arch with their body, similar to a yoga pose. And, of course, smile to the camera. The images from the dive are a record for posterity. After this training, it’s time to suit up and trust the instructor, who is responsible for opening and conducting the parachute. Too bad the adventure doesn’t last long: around 5 minutes, with 30 seconds of free fall. Five minutes that are eternal (and amazing) while they last.


By Laura Capanema
Photos and video Skydive Foz