Taste of São Paulo:

all you need to know about the food festival

Eduardo do Valle

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Haute cuisine at reasonable prices: welcome to Taste of São Paulo



Latin American food is a cauldron of unique flavors – at times spicy, at others sweet like a tropical fruit. In this universe, which is so valued and promoted by LATAM, São Paulo stands out as a center where renowned chefs and starred restaurants present their creations. With this in mind, the airline is sponsoring , for the second year, the Taste of São Paulo. This event has won over such cities as Paris and Rome, and is now arriving to Brazil for a Latin American version. This festival offers haute cuisine dishes at street food prices, in a celebration that includes 20 types of food representing the 30 main groups of restaurants in São Paulo. Taste of São Paulo is taking place on August 24-27: an activity for foodies as well as enthusiasts of authorial, accessible, and tasty food!



Democratic food

The event’s extensive menu has everything from the regional creations by the restaurant Mocotó to the famous coxinhas made by the traditional bar Veloso.


A toast  

Great dishes call for a matching harmonization. Beverages are the highlight at the Adega Taste, where they’ll offer wine and beer tasting sessions.