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With a camera in hand and a passport full of stamps, Mexican-born Alan Estrada lends his Latino perspective to the world’s biggest travel channel in Spanish


Alan is a quintessential traveler. One month he’s swimming with dolphins in New Zealand, the other he’s discovering hidden spots in Cuba. In his videos, he jumps on hotel beds, is amazed when he flies business class, and as he’s just like one of us, experiences the effects of jet lag. All this with the spontaneity of a true traveler – which might explain the almost 1.5 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, Alan por el Mundo.


Like many successful YouTubers, his adventure started as a hobby some 10 years ago, when he already had a well-established career as an actor and singer. “I always thought that I had a niche job, something very specific,” he affirms. Things changed four years ago. As he saw the growth potential of the channel, he put his artistic career on hold to dedicate himself to the videos full time. In July 2017, he celebrated his millionth subscriber on YouTube: “I never thought I would have 100,000 followers, much less 1 million,” he says in awe.



These days, his routine involves eight months away from home, normally alone, in places as distinct as Ko Tao in Thailand and Lake Bled in Slovenia. But his travels frequently lead him to Latin America, where he looks for lesser-known itineraries, like the alternative routes in Machu Picchu or Huasteca Potosina, an area filled with caves and waterfalls in Mexico. “Our music, our food. Latin Americans have something about them.”


Even with so many references, Alan doesn’t dare to choose a favorite place. Unforgettable experiences, maybe, like his visit to Torres del Paine in Chile: a “fascinating and indescribable” place. In Peru, about to embark on an adventure in the Amazon, he says that Colombia and Ecuador are probably the next additions to his passport, which is already full of stamps – how many, exactly, he doesn’t know. “I’ve been told that you should have stories to tell, not keep count of countries.” On his channel, full of videos, you can see all of Alan’s adventures around the world.


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A day at Xcaret” • 3,800,000 views


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“Pure Shores” - All Saints

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Torres del Paine