Sneakers in your bag:

the travels of a Nike executive

Beatriz Chávez

Acervo Pessoal Elisabeth Freitas, Alamy, Shutterstock

The work of Elisabeth Freitas as brand manager for Nike in South America perfectly matches her passion for sports

She was born in Santos, Brazil. But her career in marketing turned her into a traveler/jogger who currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, even though she frequently crosses the Andes in different directions. “I travel on business a lot: I’ve just returned from Chile with LATAM and, later this month, I’m going to the United States,” explains Elisabeth.


She started working for Nike in 2014 in the United States, where she learned to adapt to new cultures, which, according to her, “helps her to be a better communicator and understand other people’s reactions.” For Elisabeth, “it’s important to know and decipher cultural differences, because they are invisible barriers that have an impact on business.”


Currently, her job involves a lot of travels, but, wherever she is, she always finds the time to practice her passions: jogging, cycling, and tennis. As such, when it’s time to leave, she combines the style of her work clothes with a pair of jogging shoes. “One of the good things about my work is being able to wear them every day, making me feel more comfortable while moving around.”


Elisabeth’s tips for a perfect trip


Jogging around the city

“I like to explore new cities while jogging and, when I’m in Brazil, wrap things up with fresh coconut water. It’s really refreshing!”


The wait

“When I’m traveling from Aeroparque in Buenos Aires, I like to arrive early, have a glass of wine and a delicious empanada.”


For joggers

“You don’t need much to go jogging: just will and a pair of shoes. I always bring them with me.”