Upset stomach?

Tips for a smooth flight

Leonor Macedo

Illustration: Samuel Rodrigues

Dealing With An Upset Stomach On Board


Did you know digestion aboard can be slower, resulting in abdominal distension? For a comfortable trip, just follow some simple nutritional advice.



Bye Bye Puffiness

Don't abuse the intake of carbonated beverages and alcohol before the flight.


Be Moderate

Try to eat smaller portions of food before the trip.


Go Easy On The Salt

The ingredient causes body fluid retention. Try not to add it to meals on board.




If the trip is long, take a walk down the hallways. It helps circulation and prevents heartburn.


Keep it Light

Avoid foodstuffs that are high on fat or vegetables that cause flatulence.


Chamomile Tea

...but if you didn't, chamomile tea can help relieve the discomfort.


Drink Water

Drinking four pints a day and a pint more per hour of flight keeps dehydration away.