Francesca Ferreyros’s tips for the trendy Barranco neighborhood

Francesca Ferreyros’s tips for the trendy Barranco neighborhood

Check out the “hotspots” suggested by the chef Francesca Ferreyros in Barranco that you must visit

Published September 2021

Anyone visiting Lima faces quite a challenge: selecting which restaurants, bars, and cafés will be part of their itinerary, among the countless excellent options the city offers.  After all, a few days’ stay is not enough for such a variety of exciting places.

Considered by the “50 Best” list as one of the most prominent women-led restaurants in 2021, the Baan restaurant (@baan.peru), in the San Isidro district, is a mandatory stop for those looking for new products with guaranteed quality.  Chef Francesca Ferreiros, in charge of Baan, was inspired by the Asian flavors to bet on a fusion of Peruvian and Thai cuisine, resulting in the creation of unique dishes.

As a resident of Lima and passionate about local cuisine, Francesca Ferreyros gives her tips on what to do in the Peruvian capital. For her, the district of Barranco can’t be left out of the city’s route.

“Barranco, by itself, is an incredible tour because it offers options for the day, night, and all visitor profiles. You can spend the day walking along the beach, restaurants, cafés, ice cream parlors, and art galleries”, says Francesca.

Francesca Ferreyros’s tips for the trendy Barranco neighborhood

Check out the “hotspots” suggested by the chef in Barranco that you must visit:

·        Pan Sal Aire

It is placed in an old house, a traditional one in the neighborhood, renovated with more modern features. The café-bistro styled restaurant mixes refined and homemade cuisine, including sandwiches, pizzas, and faster dishes. Its ingredients are mostly organic and handcrafted, such as mustard, bacon, sausages, tomato sauce, and its already famous natural fermentation bread. When combined, the result is a collection of memorable homemade dishes.

Address: Av. Almirante Grau, 320

Instagram: @pansalaire

·        Mérito

Mérito was opened in 2018, and it has already been considered one of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America (it was included in Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants ranking). Juan Luis Martínez is the Venezuelan chef in charge of the kitchen, where he creates dishes that are neither Venezuelan nor Peruvian. The impressive result is a mixture of the two cultures, resulting in personal creations influenced by both countries.

Address: Jr. 28 de Julio, 206

Instagram: @meritorest

·        Siete

This restaurant belongs to the young and renowned chef Ricardo Martins and offers international food prepared with high-quality products and cocktails for all tastes. It is perfect for visitors looking for a complete and sophisticated gastronomic experience, combined with caring service and a welcoming atmosphere.

Address: Domeyrer 260

Instagram: @7restaurante_

·         Blu - il gelato del barrio

“If you go to Barranco, a stop for ice cream at Blu is almost mandatory,” says Francesca.

Two childhood friends created Blu, and it was one of the first artisanal ice cream parlors in Lima. More than 40 flavors and the “gelatos” are made daily, always using natural ingredients. On weekends, it is usual to find queues at Blu, but the wait is certainly worth it!

Address: Jr. 28 de Julio

Instagram: @blu.ilgelato


Learn more about Barranco

The Barranco region was once a kind of high-society summer resort but, over time, the neighborhood became a meeting point for the bohemian people of the Peruvian capital. The old mansions, previously abandoned, were remodeled and became stylish restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

During the day, outdoor tours are the best option. The neighborhood is home to many parks and squares, such as the centenary Parque Nacional where you will also find a stunning reflecting pool. The Parque Húsares de Junín is full of beautiful gardens, and you can also visit the Puente de los Suspiros, a wooden bridge built in 1876.

Francesca Ferreyros’s tips for the trendy Barranco neighborhood

The district also offers one of the most beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean in Lima, and its lookout attracts many visitors. It is also one of the few places in the city with access to the beach, through a walkway that goes down to the seawater (which is super cold, by the way).

In recent years, Barranco has also become a cultural center in Lima, with its trendy art galleries and internationally acknowledged design stores.

If you are planning a trip to Lima, write down Francesca’s tips and enjoy the best of Barranco!

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