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4 tips from influencer Alejandra Chávez

Rene Funk, Shutterstock, Santiago Casartelli, Difusión

Four reasons why Peruvian lifestyle blogger Alejandra Chávez loves Latin America


It’s hard to know what Alejandra Chávez loves the most: practicing sports, eating well and healthy, or taking pictures and sharing these activities with her over 100,000 followers on Instagram


Alejandra knows what she’s talking about: she has a degree in nutrition and fitness training, and, in South America, there are plenty of options for her to do what she loves the most. “For a Peruvian, there’s nothing better than having some delicious ceviche by the ocean,” she says. And, even though kitesurfing is her favorite sport, kayaking in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve in Iquitos, Peru, was “a unique experience, especially when you hear the pure sounds of nature. I was lucky enough to get a close look at a pink river dolphin, which was one of the best moments of my trip!”



For the winter, she recommends the ski resorts in Santiago. “I love to enjoy the snow season in Chile. The country is home to wonderful landscapes, and you can practice sports all day long. What more could I ask for?”


Capoeira is one of the few activities Alejandra doesn’t master – but loves to watch. “I’m enchanted by the joy of the dances and Brazilian music.” However, she acknowledges that she should stick to kitesurfing. “I tried to learn some capoeira moves in Búzios, but I didn’t do very well!”