Today we celebrate a life of flying together

Today we celebrate a life of flying together

This is the path we have traveled to become the biggest Latin American airline

Leonor Macedo Publicity LATAM

Published October 2019

90 years

A lifetime flying together

Today we celebrate a life of flying together

It’s party time! This is the 90th birthday of a journey made out of stories. The ones of our passengers, the ones of our contributors and the ones of two major airlines that once came together to take Latin American dreams even further.

Joining forces is in our DNA. This is how we came to exist. And that is the reason why we united with 12 other airlines to be a part of oneworld, an alliance that connects more than 1,000 destinations in 160 countries.

We are seriously committed to Latin America. Therefore we not only build bridges within the continent, but also take it closer together to the rest of the world. We are the Pacific, the Andes, the Amazon and the Atlantic.

Now we celebrate by sharing our story with you:

Today we celebrate a life of flying together

LATAM numbers, the biggest airline in Latin America

We fly to 143 cities in 25 countries around all 5 continents. That makes for almost 71 million passengers every year. What we really do is connect people to their plans and projects. It’s making dreams come true.

In 2018, we have carried about 921,000 tons of cargo to 150 destinations in 29 countries.

Our team counts up to 41,000 employees of 61 nationalities. Last year alone, they have gone through 1,4 million hours of training. It’s all about offering the best service. And the effort has really paid off: we are the receivers of 23 awards and recognitions, such as the Best South American Airline by the Skytrax World Airline Awards.

Some U$ 400 million have been directed to redesigning two thirds of our fleet’s cabins. Talk about a comfortable flight!

For five years in a row, we have been considered one of the most sustainable airlines in the world by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index — the only Latin American on the list. We are doing our bit: in 2018, we compensated for 360,000 tons of carbon emissions by investing in environmental projects of reforestation, conservation and preservation.

This is our deal with the planet: we are working to be a free-carbon company in all land operations until 2020. This is already true in Peru and Colombia, and will be expanded to all our home markets.

After all, LATAM is turning 90 and we still want to be the best option when it comes to flying passengers towards their dreams.

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