Between wineries:

travel tips from the director at Huneeus Vitners

Andrea Pérez M.

Quintessa, Shutterstock, Courtesy Of Alfred A. Knopf

“More than a profession, it’s a way of life.” Agustín Huneeus Jr.’s passion when describing his job at the head of Huneeus Vintners goes beyond borders


Agustín Francisco Huneeus grew up among grapevines. His father, Agustín Huneeus, is one of the world’s most important entrepreneurs in the viticulture and wine industry: with a 50-year career that started in Chile with the winery Concha y Toro, a symbol of the country. In the 1970s, Agustín Jr. moved to the United States and, in the California valleys, he consolidated his career in the field. After several successful acquisitions and partnerships, father and son founded the company Huneeus Vintners, with headquarters in Napa Valley.


Recognized by The New York Times as “one of the most brilliant men in the industry,” Agustín Jr. runs the company that makes noble wines like Quintessa, Faust, and Illumination. Used to traveling since he was a kid, these days he has favorite hotels in several cities around the world, like the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme and the London Edition. While staying at the former, he can go jogging along the banks of the Seine, at the later, at Regent’s Park, allowing him to enjoy the city at his own pace. Agustín Jr. also swims and exercises with help from a personal trainer. And wherever he goes, he takes his wine, of course.


Agustín’s tips for a perfect trip


Pause in the air

“I love to catch up on my reading when I’m traveling. I’ve just finished Bad Blood by John Carreyrou.”


Beating jet lag

“For me, practicing sports upon arrival is essential. It helps me sleep well the first night, which is the most important.”


Wine in the bag

“If you fill out the declaration form and place the bottles in polystyrene containers, it will be fine.”