Learn about the Valle del Elqui, one of the best places to observe the stars in the world

Daniel Aratangy

A place where a river cuts through the desert, the surroundings of La Serena in Chile are home to landscapes where aridity, the clear skies and lush nature live in harmony


La Serena

When to go

The temperatures are pleasant all year round, but it’s rainy during the winter months, from June to August. It’s recommended to visit in the other seasons.



The options include everything from hostels to charming hotels with reasonable rates. A good tip is to stay in La Serena, the starting point for several tours of the region.


What to bring

Don’t forget to bring shoes for hiking and jackets, as the temperature drops in the late afternoon – even in the summer.


LATAM has direct flights to La Serena from Santiago, Antofagasta and Calama.