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A new chapter in the history of world aviation is starting now, with the birth of LATAM Airlines. With the union between LAN and TAM Airlines, we became the company with the biggest route network in Latin America. Our dream – and mission – is to introduce the world to the beauty of Latin America, as well as to show to Latin Americans the charms of other continents.

Our tradition, landscape, rhythm, color and flavor diversity has common points, starting with our personality. We lead our lives and face our challenges with passion, joy and creativity. Vamos/LATAM is the new voice that will connect our human, cultural and natural heritage not only during the flight, but also during all stages of your trip – even when you’re dreaming about your next destination.

We’ll be present at all moments of your journey through our website, social media, in-flight videos, magazine… May our stories be the starting point for your own stories. After all, the best trips are those experienced by each of us. To accompany your steps around the world and to be part of your plans is more than an invitation, it’s our commitment. VAMOS?

Photos Valdemir Cunha, Shutterstock and Offset