Where to go shopping in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Erika Bayá

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Modern and traditional commercial centers where you can buy all sorts of things in the tropical city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia


La Nueva Feria de Barrio Lindo

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, this market comes alive with thousands of people who come in search of an endless array of products. It’s the biggest shopping center in the city and, maybe, one of the largest in Bolivia, offering wholesale and retail options. It’s divided in blocks, so that visitors can find everything from nails to furniture pieces, clothing, electronics, décor items and cosmetics, among other products, with the best prices.


Paseo Artesanal La Recova


This walkway filled with stores has interesting objects created by over 200 artisans from Santa Cruz. Unlike the handicrafts found in the Bolivian plateau, which are made mainly of wool or aguayo (a colorful fabric), the ones in the tropical area are  made of such materials as seeds, several types of wood, leather and natural fibers. Silver items with semi-precious stones, like bolivianite, are also among the highlights.

Calle Libertad, between Calle Florida and Calle Junín


Las Siete Calles


Despite the appeal of more modern commercial centers, this old and traditional market, located in the old part of the city, is still going strong. At its galleries, stores and kiosks scattered throughout seven streets you can find everything from clothes to liqueurs, including cosmetics and an endless array of products. In addition, it’s home to stands that sell local fresh and varied fruits.

Calle Isabel La Católica




They sell objects handmade by over 500 indigenous women from local ethnic groups. In an old (but cozy) house in the oldest part of the city, it’s possible to buy fabrics, ceramics, objects carved out of wood, embroidered pillows, dolls and hammocks made of natural fibers, painted boxes, sculptures and a wide variety of unique pieces.

 Monseñor Salvatierra, 407


Ventura Mall

Located in the residential neighborhood of Equipetrol, it’s the largest and most modern shopping mall in the country. With an area of 10 hectares [100,000 square m], it’s home to 125 varied stores and, just like any commercial center, it has a movie theater, supermarket, ATMs and food court. The only Hard Rock Café location in Bolivia is located there.

 Avenida San Martín, at the corner with Cuarto Anillo


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