Traveling like a local:

tips from YouTuber Valentina Caballero

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Absorbing the traditions of each place is Chilean YouTuber and model Valentina Caballero’s technique every time she sets foot in Latin America. Her mission? To adopt the local customs


Visiting non-touristy places and trying typical dishes are the first two things Valentina Caballero, a Chilean YouTuber and model, does when she arrives at a destination. Meeting new people and learning about the local traditions are what motivate her to travel. These experiences are shared with approximately 260,000 followers on Instagram and 220,000 subscribers of her YouTube channel, created just 18 months ago.


From England to Greece. From Greece to Cuba. From Cuba to Morocco. Valentina’s nomadic life is intense and exciting. Sami, her boyfriend from Holland and faithful travel companion, has the same passions: “He also loves traditions and sharing experiences with people. That’s why he fell in love with Latin America, Chilean empanadas (he could eat them every day), and the region’s warm, family culture, very different from the European culture,” explains the YouTuber.


Latin America and Asia are Valentina’s favorite continents, especially for their respective cultural wonders. And the more different the customs and local flavors are from those of her home country, the greatest her desire to explore the area and learn about the place she’s visiting in loco – never looking like a tourist.



When she came to Brazil, she noticed that she could find açaí everywhere. After trying it, she added to her breakfast routine a delicious bowl of frozen açaí mixed with banana and almond milk. She garnishes the recipe with mango, red berries, almonds, coconut chips, and the indispensable granola, combining ingredients typical of several places. Valentina’s favorite music is also from Brazil: “The songs have a happy vibe that makes my feet start moving automatically.”


Another habit she has adopted in order to feel like a local is the Argentine’s love for mate. She likes to meet with loved ones and share this tradition. That’s why a thermos and the herb are among the essential items in her bag: “I don’t usually take the kit everywhere I go; I save it for special occasions. The condition is that there are friends and a beautiful scenery,” she affirms. After she learned about the culture surrounding this herb rich in antioxidants (and that sharing it means inviting people to be part of your inner circle), she included the “mate moment” in her itinerary.


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