Regional seasoning:

the flavors of northeastern Brazil

A guide containing restaurants and markets for you to discover one of the richest cuisines on the continent

Salvador, Bahia



A huge renovation project completed in 2014 transformed the traditional Mercado do Rio Vermelho. Once a street market, then a supply center, and now an immense mall where you can find a wide variety of flavors from Bahia. Among the local products is dendê oil, extracted from palm trees.

Avenida Juracy Magalha~es Junior, 1624



A respectful moqueca

What is so special about the Bahian moqueca? Dendê oil, the star of the dish! A kind of stew, the recipe also includes fish, shrimp, coconut oil, cilantro, bell pepper and tomato. To try one of the best moquecas in Salvador, reserve a table at the popular restaurant Casa de Tereza, owned by chef Tereza Paim.

Rua Odilon Santos, 45


Fortaleza, Ceara´

The power of Fortaleza

Walking around the aisles and ramps at Mercado Central de Fortaleza you’ll find a bit of everything: handicrafts and clothing, regional music, hammocks, and, of course, food! Cashew nuts, a typical ingredient in northeastern Brazil, are available processed or per kilo, to snack on at the beach or use in dishes.

Avenida Alberto Nepomuceno, 199



Oui Bistro^

French bistros are even better with a touch of northeastern Brazil. The connection Paris-Fortaleza suggested by this restaurant includes octopus cooked in manteiga de garrafa, filet mignon with jackfruit molasses, and salmon with cashew nut farofa.

Avenida Santos Dumont, 2391


Recife, Pernambuco

A history-filled market

The 1925 historic building is located in the neighborhood of Madalena, which witnessed the heyday of the sugar cane trade. The structure alone is worth the visit. Still, 180 shops there sell tasty treats from the Pernambuco culture, like carne de sol, the base for many local dishes, and guava paste, the protagonist of several desserts.

Rua Real da Torre, s/n°



A workshop for your taste buds

The restaurant Oficina do Sabor has won the status of workshop because it’s constantly studying typical Pernambuco food. Carne de sol appears in several delicious recipes. The most popular orders come with pumpkin or manioc purée au gratin – a traditional dish known as escondidinho.


Treats on board


On flights departing from Sa~o Paulo – in Business and Premium classes –, LATAM serves a few recipes with these ingredients:

• Manioc and jerked beef escondidinho with tomatoes, zucchini and roasted eggplant

• Pirarucu with caipira sauce, roasted mini yam and baby carrot (left photo)

• Caramel mango with mint sago and cumaru aroma (right photo)


In Economy Class:

• Quindim, a dessert made with egg yolk, sugar and ground coconut