The Paris of fashion designer Esteban Cortázar

Rafael Bahia

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A tour of the French capital guided by Colombian fashion designer Esteban Cortázar



The fashion designer’s first address in the city was in the residential 11th arrondissement (Paris is divided into 20 neighborhoods, called arrondissements), while he worked in the 8th arrondissement, where the famous Champs Élysées is located. “I spent a lot of time between the two regions, in places like Café de L’Industrie, Bar de Théâtres, and the restaurant L’Avenue,” he recalls.




When it comes to shopping, the Colombian native suggests the Broken Arm, a multi-brand store that offers pieces by such labels as Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, and Prada – in addition to a café. “Le Bon Marché is always a good option, and I’m fascinated by the Saint-Ouen flea market.”


Bon appétit!

For food, Cortázar is categorical. The best seafood: Clamato. The best French restaurant: Chez Georges. The best sushi: Takara. By the banks of the Seine, he usually goes to Le Voltaire or just hangs out with friends to have some wine during the summer.

Chez Georges — Rue du Mail, 1 




“Ever since I first set foot in the city, the D’Orsay has been my favorite museum. I also like the Picasso Museum and the galleries Perrotin, Thaddaeus Ropac, and Mor Charpentier.” Cortázar also suggests a special place in another art center. “The view from the top floor of Centre Pompidou is the most beautiful in the capital.”



Esteban Cortázar

A prodigy from Bogotá. A successful fashion designer in Paris. Time is relative for young Esteban Cortázar. At the age of 10, he moved to Miami. At 15, he showed his collection at the local fashion week – a feat that he repeated at 17, at the New York Fashion Week. These days, at 33, he strolls the streets of Paris with tips on the city he adopted as home 11 years ago.