new routes to go to Cusco

LATAM is introducing flights that connect the Inca city with other destinations in Peru. Discover the newest possibilities of itinerary in the country



Lima was a regular stop for anyone visiting Cusco. The reason: one of the only ways to travel to the Inca city by air was via the Peruvian capital. Now, three new LATAM flights connect more destinations. Routes that reveal new circuits and many other ways to explore Peru.


Cusco was the most important city of the Inca Empire, and you can see signs of its wealthy past in its architecture, which combines indigenous and Spanish features in such structures as the Convent of Santo Domingo and the neighborhood of San Blas. It’s also part of the itinerary for anyone traveling to Machu Picchu or the Sacred Valley of the Incas.



The colonial mansions of rubber barons are remnants of the history of the biggest city in the Peruvian Amazon, located two hours by plane from Cusco. At the point where the Amazon, Nanay, and Itaya rivers meet, anyone walking on the promenade by the water’s edge, taking a boat trip, or exploring the city center will find old churches and casinos. There, you’ll also find boats that take visitors to local communities and untouched areas in the forest.



In the third biggest city in Peru, history is present in the structures surrounding Plaza de Armas – but not just there. The region, a two-hour flight from Cusco, is also home to Chan Chan, an archaeological site that reveals a city made of clay, and the temples of the Sun and the Moon, created by the Moche people. The paradisiacal touch comes courtesy of Huanchaco, a village bathed by the Pacific.



An hour’s flight from Cusco, the city has the same name as the fermented beverage – it means bird in Quechua. Also famous for its fresh fish, Pisco may be the right place to enjoy Peruvian cuisine – and explore vineyards and wineries. Take advantage to visit the Paracas National Reserve, home to the impressive geoglyph known as El Candelabro, a vestige of ancestral peoples.