The Beauty of Flying:

two meetings in the sky


A series of mini-documentaries produced by Vamos/LATAM reveals the poetry behind the routine of people who live (or dream) many feet above the ground


Episode 1


“Flying is the oldest metaphor for freedom. Even though these days it’s something like going from point A to point B, deep down, the feeling of transcendence will always be there,” says Blake Emery, the director of differentiation strategy for Boeing. He is one of the people in the aviation industry participating in the series of mini-documentaries about the beauty of flying presented by LATAM in association with Boeing. Produced by Vamos/LATAM, the first two episodes were directed by the Meirelles Brothers.


Brazilian skydiver Luigi Cani, known for his jumps wearing a wingsuit, a type of jumpsuit which gives athletes “wings” before the parachute opens, joined Blake in Miami. There, they were invited to reflect on what it means to fly according to their realities.


Luigi, who is used to “flying” with his own body, visited the Boeing Training Center. “I’m a helicopter pilot, but I never imagined having access to a simulator like this. I was able to select the number of passengers, the airport,” he recounts. “Blake is a sensitive person and we immediately connected. I loved learning about the details of the Boeing 787. The innovations are astonishing,” he adds.



Blake is one of the minds behind the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. After years studying the behavior of passengers, the company developed a modern, innovative cabin that allows LATAM/us to use slim, efficient seats that increase comfort. 'The lighting, which changes during the flight, is also very important,” explains Blake.


The American executive was touched by Luigi’s work. In a simulator, he was able to feel like flying. “Luigi was very thoughtful and did much more than any instructor,” he relates. To wrap up this journey, Luigi embarked on a flight to jump in the Miami sky. On the ground, Blake was waiting to see his new friend. “We have a lot in common. Incidentally, we have exchanged emails after this experience,” says the executive. With a rainbow in the clouds, Luigi took flight. “He flies because he has to fly; it’s not a choice. This should be the motivation anyone should need to do anything,” affirms Blake.



Episode 2

Under the starry sky of the Atacama Desert, another inspiring meeting for the series of mini-documentaries. “I was able to see Saturn and its rings perfectly. A unique and fascinating experience,” says Pedro Pablo Torres, a LATAM pilot who went to Chile to meet with Alice Herisson, a guide who’s a sky enthusiast. “It was a memorable, very special week. Pedro Pablo was genuinely interested in learning about all the details of the region,” says the expert.


A LATAM Airlines pilot for 20 years now, Pedro Pablo is a close friend of the skies. He has worked on many different routes but, recently, he started crossing continents and oceans in charge of a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. “It’s easy to control this plane. In addition, it’s extremely efficient and comfortable for crew members and passengers alike,” he says. On the ground, Pedro Pablo loves outdoor activities, especially biking.


In the Atacama, he shared hot air ballooning and mountain biking tips with Alice and took advantage to explore the area and learn about the desert. “He gave me many tips on how to ride a bike. Even though I live here, I don’t usually explore the attractions on two wheels,” says the guide. “I had been to the region before, but I had never taken tours accompanied by a guide. She explained many things about nature and the stars. I learned a lot,” adds Pedro Pablo.



With Indonesian and French roots, Alice grew up in Australia. “I’ve been traveling since I was a kid and, for me, it’s essential. I came here as a tourist and got the opportunity to stay. When I saw the Atacama sky, I knew I would never forget it,” says Alice.


Even with such distinct professions, they agreed on something: flying is not an option; it’s a necessity. It’s not a job; it’s part of life, almost a moment of pure entertainment. “For me, flying is a passion. Something magical. These days, we may think that it’s something that happens all the time, but for me it hasn’t lost its magic. I would like to fly every day of my life,” affirms Pedro Pablo. For Alice, the feeling is the same. “Flying gives me a sense of freedom. You can feel like a bird, see the world in an accessible manner, without barriers,” adds Alice, opening her heart.