5 places to try the best street food in New York

Rafael Bahia

Publicity / Illustration: Davi Augusto

In New York, summer is the perfect time to travel the world through its food trucks (with dessert included)


King of Falafel & Shawarma

This truck has been in Queens since 2002. But Freddy Zeideia, from West Bank, also opened a restaurant and has a cart that sells the fried balls and sandwich-like wraps that earned him two Vendy Awards, a local street food competition.

3015 Broadway, Astoria + other locales


Red Hook Lobster Pound

In Northeast U.S., the abundance of lobsters resulted in the lobster roll. At Ralph Gorham and Susan Povic’s food truck, the sandwich is served in Maine style, cold and with mayonnaise; or in Connecticut style, hot and with a touch of lime.

284 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn + other locales



Solber Pupusas

These stuffed corn flour patties were brought over to the U.S. by immigrants from El Salvador. Two of them, Rafael and Reina Soler-Bermúdez, sell these delicious treats at the Brooklyn Flea market and Smorgarsburg on weekends. Star Martha Stewart has tried and recommends them.

80 Pearl St, Brooklyn + other locales 



When three brothers from California went to New York, homesickness led them to a street in SoHo. Armed with a food cart, they started selling tacos and burritos in 2006. The enterprise has become a chain, with five points of sale in the metropolis.

Prince St & Wooster St, Manhattan + other locales



Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

One of the most famous ice cream trucks in New York, they offer the dessert made in an artisanal manner, with vegan options. Born in Brooklyn in 2008, the business has grown into a mini empire, with stores and trucks scattered all over the city.

81 Bergen St, Brooklyn + other locales