Tel Aviv, a destination beloved by YouTubers

Rafael Bahia

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After being discovered by Latin American influencers, Tel Aviv has become so popular that it’s a #TrendingTopic in these parts


The beaches, exciting nightlife, and diversity may confuse you, but we are not in Latin America; we are in Tel Aviv. The similarities are confirmed by Latino bloggers, among whom the Israeli city is increasingly popular.



Chilean-born Valentina Urzúa wanted to encourage her over 180,000 followers to explore places outside the Americas and Europe. “I didn’t know I would find a place where people like to have fun as much as we, Latinos, do,” she says.


Something similar caught the attention of Brazilian journalist Anna Laura Wolff, who has over 420,000 followers on Instagram. For her, the sunny weather in the Mediterranean resembles Rio de Janeiro: an informal atmosphere, the seaside boardwalk, the kiosks selling fresh juice.


Meanwhile, Chilean couple Alejandra Werner and Jonathan Kraizel, from the blog Universo Viajero, attended a friend’s wedding and fell in love with the place. “The city has a young spirit,” states Alejandra. “There are parties everywhere and the city never sleeps.”



Valentina Urzúa

On two wheels

“I’d recommend exploring the city by bike. Tel Aviv welcomes cyclists with open arms and there are plenty of landscapes to admire.”



Anna Laura Wolff

Bar talk

“Embark on a tour of the pubs on the lively Rothschild Boulevard. Speakeasy is one of the most popular bars, on a terrace with hanging lights.”

Speakeasy: Rothschild Boulevard, 24



Alejandra Werner and Jonathan Kraizel

Varied menu

“In addition to the famous market known as Shuk Ha’Carmel, there are others offering local and international food, like Sarona Market and the Rothschild Allenby Food Market.”

Shuk Ha’Carmel: Ha’Carmel Street, 48

Sarona Market: Aluf Kalman Magen Street, 3

Rothschild Allenby Food Market: Rothschild Boulevard, 36