things you didn’t know about LATAM Cargo’s B767-F

Details of LATAM Cargo’s Boeing


1. Design

The 767-F was designed for the transportation of cargo, that’s why it resembles the 767, except for the lack of windows and seats for passengers.

2. Controlled environment

The environmental temperature control system enables the transportation of live animals and perishable goods in a safe and effective manner, ensuring the well-being of the animals and the quality of the products.


3. Savings

It takes only 28 minutes to fuel the tanks of this Boeing, which holds 23,980 gallons [91,000 l] of fuel – enough to fill 1,200 minivans.

4. Reliable freighter

It has capacity for 58 tons [53 tonnes] (31 standard pallets; 24 pallets on the main deck, 7 pallets on the lower deck) of cargo and can cover more than 3,255 nautical miles [6,025 km]. In other words, it’s the perfect freighter to meet medium-size requirements.



Name – 767-F

Manufacturer – Boeing

Capacity – 15,469 ft3 [438.1 m3]

Length – 180.1 ft [54.9 m]

Wingspan – 156 ft [47.57 m]

Width – 16.5 ft [5.03 m]

Height – 52 ft [15.9 m]

Maximum takeoff weight – 408,000 lb [185,060 kg]

Engines – 2 turbofan