Ximena’s flight:

the favorite places of a LATAM flight attendant

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Ximena Eskenazi Rios, a flight attendant from Chile, tells us what to do at her favorite LATAM destinations

On your next flight, talk to the flight attendants – as they are constantly visiting new places, they have the best travel tips! Check out the video above to learn more about the day-to-day life of a flight attendant. Next, see Ximena’s tips on her favorite destinations.



Buenos Aires


'The restaurants in Puerto Madero are amazing! I like Las Lilas and Siga la Vaca. One of my favorite spots in the city is the Jardín Japonês, a magical and peaceful place. I’d also recommend visiting the Tigre Delta, located some 19 miles [30 km] from Buenos Aires, where you can take a boat ride.'



San Pedro de Atacama


'Whenever I go to Calama, I try to stop by San Pedro – you can go there by bus. Even if you can’t go to the desert, the city is quite nice, with great restaurants and places to rent bikes. But mind what you pack – the days are extremely hot, and the nights are very cold.'





'This place has rich vegetation. To get to Chiloé, you need to take a ferry from Puerto Montt. The communes of Dalcahue, Castro and Ancud are beautiful and produce excellent shellfish.'



Puerto Montt


'One of my favorite restaurants in the city is the Cotelé, which serves great lamb dishes. With a wood aroma, it is quintessential southern Chile! In Angelmó, a bay nearby, you can dine at stilt restaurants and shop for handicrafts and sheep wool.'



São Paulo


'Exploring Rua 25 de Março is an essential activity. It’s a commercial street, crowded with people, where you can find all types of things, including wallets, bags, costume jewelry… You just need to have time and patience (and wear comfortable shoes) to deal with the bedlam.'





'I enjoy going to the Larcomar, which is quite beautiful and close to the coast, and to Miraflores, a nice region in the afternoon.'