Myths or urban legends?

Test your knowledge on aviation

Urban legends, conspiracy theories and misunderstandings surround the world of aeronautics. Learn the truth about some flying myths



Are the effects of alcohol magnified at high altitudes?

TRUE. Oxygen supply during flight is reduced when compared to conditions at sea level, making the liver metabolize the alcohol more slowly. As such, the effects of liquor can be magnified at high altitudes.


When flying over the ocean, does the plane cross areas that don’t belong to any country?

TRUE. The limit of the so-called international waters is 200 nautical miles [370 km] from the coast, and 71% of the oceans don’t belong to any country. In other words, the chances of flying over “stateless waters” are high.


Does flying over the Andes require especial safety procedures?

TRUE. Ten minutes before flying over the mountain range, all passengers must return to their seats and fasten their seatbelts: all this because the area is known for its increased risk of turbulence.

Photos: Shutterstock e Tamires Povreslo